z.e.l.d.a. – handwriting and hijinks

January 15, 2015 by meg | 1 Comment

i love to see zelda’s writing and even more what she decides needs to be written.UntitledI write you a card
and of course, she’s the resident goof ball. she made these lips, except cutting the shape, all by herself. the picture really doesn’t show it, but they are colored pink over red paper.UntitledUntitledUntitledshe’s very proud of her lips. she saw something similar in a magazine and after she was done said: “i worked hard and made the same thing!”

z.e.l.d.a. is 3!!!

September 16, 2014 by meg | 1 Comment

IMGP6244.jpgIMGP6235.jpgoh zelda, it’s here, it’s finally here. after months of you telling us your birthday is in september and patiently waiting for september to arrive and then asking every day since the 1st if it is your birthday yet, we are happy to tell you YES today is your birthday.IMGP6295.jpgIMGP6251.jpgIMGP6265.jpgyou are a vivacious little girl and we couldn’t be more thrilled with who you are becoming. you have a joy for life that is unparalleled. you are our favorite princess, sous chef, ballerina, pirate (arrr, lady!), monster, bicyclist, runner and back seat driver!IMGP6011.jpgIMGP6015.jpgIMGP6051.jpgIMGP6013.jpg at three you are one smart cookie. you can spell your name, identify your letters, count and count and count and you are learning spanish. you want to read and try really hard to do so. we are certain that soon you’ll be reading. you love to sing and dance and perform. IMGP6078.jpgIMGP6072.jpg zelda you light up our lives. although you don’t know what cliches are yet, you make all of them about the joy of being parents come true for us. you are our biggest blessing and challenge. you keep us on our toes and help us live each day to the fullest. IMGP6198.jpg all our love to you on your birthday and every day. love, mama and daddy