going all in

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Monument Valley

photo by snowpeak on flickr.com/creativecommons

plane tickets have been purchased and we are registered for this 1/2 marathon. we are really looking forward to this trip and the race as both are on our bucket lists. throw in 5 days in tucson and it’s becoming quite the nice vacation in early may. the cherry on top is a weekend with ebgma at the grand canyon and sedona.

Suguaro Forest

photo by larry myhre on flickr.com/creative commons


photo by neusuz5 on flickr.com/creative commons

those gorgeous images are getting me excited and are helping me forget about the soreness i’m feeling right now after 3 days of yoga and 2 days of running.

an ambitious agenda of eating and some seeing

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Thurs Dec 19
Lunch at Kingfish –  http://www.cocktailbarneworleans.com/
6:00 – Celebration in the Oaks
Toup’s Meatery - http://www.toupsmeatery.com/
Fri Dec 20
10:00 – Teddybear Tea at The Roosevelt
Afternoon – Zelda snoozes and we wander the garden district/magazine st.
Nirvana (Indian) – http://www.insidenirvana.com

Sat Dec 21
Vietnamese farmer’s market – 14401 Alcee Fortier Blvd., New Orleans, LA
Dargo’s (Seafood) for dinner – http://www.dragosrestaurant.com/
Lights at Metairie

Sun Dec 22
10:45 – La Petite Grocery Brunch – 4238 Magazine Street – fancy bloody mary with crab claw, crab beignets http://www.lapetitegrocery.com/menus/brunch
5:30 – Concert at St. Louis Cathedral (?)
Gates at 6:30 – Caroling at 7:00 – Caroling at St. Louis Cathedral
Dinner = snack or street food

Mon Dec 23
5:30 – Boucherie (Creole) – 8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans http://boucherie-nola.com/

Tues Dec 24
12:00 – Hit the road westward to Baton Rougue
Dinner in Baton Rouge or area
Bonfires on the levee, Lutcher, LA, 7pm – 1hr drive

Wed Dec 25
12:30 – Airport

Additional food to try
Drive-through daiquiri, Pralines, Shrimp or Fish Po Boys

bayou sauvage

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20131218-094432.jpgwe had most of tuesday to explore before we could get into our accommodations. after finding some coffee and doing a quick driving tour of a couple of neighborhoods, we headed out of town to bayou sauvage national wildlife refuge with lunch in tow. zelda was glad for the drive as it gave her a chance to nap. in fact, she never really woke up and even slept through the short walk we took along the boardwalks.
we had just been talking with friends a couple of nights back about things that lurk in the murk and there was definitely murk for things to lurk under here. as zach helpfully reminded me, probably alligators and snakes that wouldn’t necessarily stay in the water. i think we were fortunate not to see either.
we also learned that there may be wild pigs roaming about, which we also didn’t see, but i certainly would have welcomed before seeing a snake or alligator.

taking nyc by storm

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z and ebgma in central park on thanksgiving day

we did a lot in nyc. what a fantastic trip. this was perfect timing to take zelda – she was fascinated by so many things with that true childlike wonder, yet still portable and able to sleep almost anywhere. it was also great to watch z with ebgma. she loves her ebgma and the two of them had a wonderful time. any chance we can get to strengthen those bonds are so precious. here are some highlights from the photos we captured with our real camera in no particular order.

lego hello kitty at fao schwarz

lego hello kitty at fao schwarz

marching band on the high line

marching band on the high line

z on the high line

z on the high line

z capturing the moment before thanksgiving dinner

z capturing the moment before thanksgiving dinner

zach with lego soldier

zach with lego soldier

ebgma photo bombs!

ebgma photo bombs!

meeting up with chrisa, an old classmate and friend of zach's

meeting up with chrisa, an old classmate and friend of zach’s

sleeping through thanksgiving dinner

sleeping through thanksgiving dinner

z and papa in central park

z and papa in central park

a thanksgiving day swing in central park

a thanksgiving day swing in central park

hanging out with e

hanging out with e

zelda makes her own slide on the high line

zelda makes her own slide on the high line

down the slide in central park

down the slide in central park

mama, z and chrisa

mama, z and chrisa

snoopy floating through the parade, a classic.

snoopy floating through the parade, a classic.

thanksgiving face painting

thanksgiving face painting

NYC from our iPhones

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Busy times in the city.


z sharing popcorn with mama


hey! do you see snoopy?


z protecting her eyes ebgma style


the scary tickle monster gets papa


visiting the library


trying to get a new view on the city


mesmerized by her first movie and a bag of popcorn


enjoying the lions at nyc library


hailing a taxi


lots of love for papa


z enjoying the benches on the high line


running on the high line


playing stop and go with chrisa


the sheep take over the gas station




smile practice before family pictures


family pictures in progress, but z needed a snack




z loved this tree, around and around it she went