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hello sunshine, hello texas.this past week’s solo trip to dallas was really good. it was very nice to see our birth mom, zelda’s brother and gigi, that’s birth grandma and my sister in law bradie. usually when i visit with these folks there’s always the welcomed distraction of little z hanging around vying for attention. it was nice to concentrate my efforts on this part of my family without distraction.
courtyard livingi’ll admit i was a bit nervous about going to dallas without zelda. she is the reason we have a dallas connection after all, but my nerves were for naught. i learned some great family tidbits, heard from zelda’s brother que about what he likes, his interests and that he wants to go to yale! he’s an amazing kid and quite the gentleman. same goes for the rest of them. i enjoyed adult conversations and talking about my family and our hopes and dreams for zelda. oh and a little baby shopping for little sister to be. can’t help but spoil a baby girl even if she hasn’t been born yet. it was just fantastic time.

i was remiss and didn’t take a single picture of the family. i wish i would have, but the conversation was good. the memories are there. i think this needs to be a regular thing, birth mom, sister in law and of course my own sister next time. we are the women of this tribe that need to be connected for the future. it’s important we spend time together and build our bonds. i think i can safely say we want our children to all know each other well and feel they are connected as they grow up. in the meantime we must nurture their bond, especially since they live plane rides apart. until next time ladies…

back to school

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with school starting here in anchorage and elsewhere, i’ve decided to go back to school as well.  my first class is today and so starts a two year journey of getting a masters of arts degree in mental disability law.  it’s taught by a law school, but not only for lawyers.  my classmates may be social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, hospital administrators, really anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in this field, and there are often students from all over the world.  i’m excited to get a chance to get a more in depth education in one of my primary practice areas, which isn’t always possible when handling cases and the day to day issues that pop up.


to start the school year off right, i created a space dedicated to my new endeavor, the closet office.  what was once chock full of my sewing odds and ends is now a bona fide office.  the great things is we were able to create this office with furniture and things we had around the house.  the only new addition is the screen door (and maybe a lock) to keep little hands out of the space.   i’m really happy how the office turned out and i think it will be a fine space to sit and participate in classes.  also, it’s nice to have some of my things put in a space dedicated to them.  as you will notice from the photos below, some of my sewing stuff still resides in the office.  in fact, my desk is really a sewing table with the machine hidden inside.  super handy for when procrastination calls.


IMGP9310-1600.JPGalso after being out of day care for the end of last week, zelda makes her return to “school” today as well.  it’s amazing how going to day care has really enhanced her verbal skills.  this little one is talking up a storm, especially in the last four or five days.  new words in her repetiteur – thank you, love, zelda, leg, lap, slice, chop, brow (eyebrow), straw (strawberry), berry…and many many more.  here she is all set to head back to day care this morning with self selected shoes.


new schedules

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today zelda started daycare.  she’ll be going each morning from 7:30 until 1:00.  as far as i can tell after one day she loves it.  also as far as i can tell she was her usual busy self.  what this means for me is now i work at the office while she is in daycare before i pick her up and not from home, or at least that’s the plan, that leaves me with is at least an hour, possibly up to three when we get home, of free time while zelda naps.  what to do with myself?  i can think of a lot of things and mostly what i don’t want to do, which is waste the time on the computer.  so today will be the start of a new challenge to use my free time in ways that i find fulfilling.  for today, i think i’ll finish decorating and organizing my closet turned office (i’ll post on that later) that i started over the weekend and maybe get the bike trainer set up for a ride during tomorrow’s nap (fingers crossed).   i also need to find a lost library book.  i’m sure its around here somewhere.  if those small tasks get completed before zelda wakes up, i think i’ll be off to a good start.

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camping and big hair

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getting outside again, finally

Temperatures all month have been cold, really cold.  That’s severely curtailed Zelda and I getting out to ski.  We generally won’t take her out for prolonged periods of time unless its at least ten degrees above zero. So yesterday I … Continue reading