sew busy

June 25, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

strawberry bag sewing project this morning was a success! z is an expert at the sewing machine pedal.UntitledUntitledyesterday morning z and i decided to sew. first up was this strawberry bag. she helped cut out parts of the pattern and then worked the pedal on the machine. we are both very happy with how it turned out.
later we made a skirt. actually i made it as her attention waned, but she’s still awfully cute in it.I made Zelda a skirt and bag today. She made us necklaces.after that it was off to the craft store dressed matchy matchy – t-shirts, polka dot skirts and bags. oh yes! and the necklaces zelda made for us.

100 and one kisses

March 17, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP9621.jpgthis morning as i’m giving zelda a hug and kiss before her and daddy leave for school zelda says, mama give me 100 kisses and then one more. this super sweet kid made her mama’s day.

convalescence and random pics

October 20, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP7548.jpgIMGP7560.jpgIMGP7559.jpgIMGP7492.jpgIMGP7487.jpgIMGP7508.jpgz and i are home today drinking tea, eating popcorn, sucking cough droops and bundled up. we’ve had coughs and crud since we left iowa. i figured since nothing else has worked so far that a day at home of convalescence might do the trick. z’s cough seems to be subsiding. today’s a good day for hunkering down as we got our first snow overnight and it’s still falling. IMGP7628.jpgIMGP7627.jpg
the pictures are details of gma kitty and pop’s gardens that zach took once he picked up a new macro lens on vacation and a moose that visited us last week. the moose elicited a lot of excitement until it decided to nibble on our roses. zelda was very upset about that. she calmed down once he moved on to the trees in the neighbor’s yard. apparently she has quite the sense of ownership over our yard and isn’t interested in sharing with the moose even if mama and daddy are ok with it.IMGP7599.jpg
and one final picture of zelda on her first day of big girl dance.

how our garden grows – cooking and foraging

August 26, 2014 by meg | 0 comments


spinach heart


foraged and home grown salad (except the plums and nuts)

we’ve had a banner summer in the garden.  that combined with the eggs our chickens produce, berry picking and dip netting, our freezer and pantry are filling up with summer’s delights to enjoy until next summer.  it’s been a lot of fun learning more about edible plants and their uses.  i think my current favorite is the nasturtium.  i’ve made so much pesto and still have tons of plants to harvest.  the pesto is good on everything from eggs to pasta.  it’s also a good base to add in other greens.IMGP5381.jpg

wild blueberries


preserving wild blueberries in water. i can them in just water and they plump beautifully and are a delicious treat in the winter.


trailside raspberries and rose hips and serviceberries from our yard


trailside high bush cranberries

and berries! oh how we love our berries. we’ve picked raspberries, cranberries, serviceberries and blueberries this year. zelda can’t get enough of any kind of berry so to harvest them from the neighborhood and mountains has been a real treat.

my berry picking assistant so proud of what she’s picked


our giant fennel which was a gift when it was a seedling. i’ve replanted the roots and its already growing again.


drying trailside yarrow and herbs from the garden

zelda has also been enthusiastic about the garden and plants, which has been a lot of fun. she knows different plant names and is an avid garden snacker. she really motivates me to learn more about the plants in our yard as well as those we encounter on the trails. she’s so inquisitive about them, which means i need to be ready to know what they are or help her find the answers. one of my favorites i’ve watched her encounter is fireweed. she asked what it was and i said fireweed. i said she could touch it and she said no no mama its hot. i explained it wasn’t hot at all but that it was called fireweed because of its bright pink color. after that before the blooms all faded away whenever she would encounter some she would tentatively approach the plant and ask if it was ok to touch. it was very sweet.


so i’m sad to see the season coming to a close, but we still have a few gardening surprises like beans to harvest (our first time growing these), beets, onions and leeks to pull and potatoes to dig, which will be fun to do with zelda since we don’t know what we’ll uncover. we’re also having a small gathering on saturday for dinner and our menu plan is to showcase as much of our own produce as possible. i’m excited to see the results as i love cooking and creating from what we’ve produced ourselves. we’ll give you an update on that next week.

making yard art

June 11, 2014 by meg | 0 comments


standing next to the butterfly we made.

we have a lot of scrap wood from various projects we’ve worked on over the past five years we’ve lived here. some of it has been cut up to burn in our fire bowl, but since we have years’ worth of wood for that, today zelda and i dipped into the stash to make some art for our garden. IMGP4276.jpg

a dragonfly keeps our berry bushes company.