making our world go ’round – outside time and pie

May 23, 2016 by meg | 0 comments

three movies of the dog being herself (click each link to view) and a couple of photos of zelda helping in the garden at anchorage community house. oh and our new project car.


IMG_1830 IMG_1839 IMG_1854#Volvo #amazon #speedwagon , or an excuse to learn to weld.

making our world go ’round – holiday happiness

December 15, 2015 by meg | 1 Comment

lots of fun and silliness this holiday season, well except maybe the actual photo opportunity with santa who zelda will tell you is just pretend since the real santa is at the north pole getting ready for christmas. IMG_5200.jpgIMG_5182.jpgIMG_5195.jpgIMG_5212.jpgIMG_5175.jpgIMG_5217.jpgIMG_5188.jpgZ santa 2015.jpg

making our world go ’round: perfectly imperfect

November 9, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

packing for her vacation to iowa she says. apparently one day of school being cancelled for weather has her ready to hit the school is cancelled due to snow. oh well that’s how life goes. zelda’s on a pretend vacation to iowa, packing as i type. bittersweet, missing family, but very happy at the new snow. maybe we’ll bust out the sled today. uploadwe stayed in and washed hair tonight. it's been awhile since z rocked some free hair. #naturalhair #afrohair #freehairthings have been a little bit like that of late, things not always going to plan, but turning out well or at least ok regardless, which is a little stressful for a planner like me. here are some good examples: this blog.  neglected more than we want. that said, what’s on here makes us happy. i love to read back through the posts. its like looking at a scrapbook. i was just looking through and i’m disappointed we didn’t take a yearly portrait of zelda like we typically do each year, but the picture of her on her birthday is pretty sweet and so is the video, which is zelda’s favorite (her words). IMG_4709 zelda’s hair. oh my! we washed it this weekend and in going through it to detangle we found matted sections. it was gross. we decided to straighten it to make sure every last strand was detangled, clean and moisturized. what we found was a lot of dead ends and little knots that had to be cut. a 2 inch home hair cut? why not. it looks cute and is a lot healthier. plus these resulting little braided buns are so cute.

food. zelda has always been a good eater. these days she wants her food different. the upside is that if we just make it look different that usually does the trick. last night she slurped up the long pieces of kale from her soup and then asked for seconds. yay! ready for #housemusic making. #familyjam #musicalways #playmeasong #learntogether #togetherwelearnZelda and mama built it tall. Engineer daddy played it safe on the other side.
our house. the place is a little messier and little less organized than i’d like. but the upside is that we opened anchorage community house, a project we are proud of, but that hasn’t been without some growing pains in the short time it’s been in existence and required some diversion of energies (and furniture) from our house to the one across the way. plus, when you can be playing games or making music, why would you want to clean?

so all of that is to say, sorry for the radio silence this past while. luckily instagram posts our pics to facebook so we are around, just not always here. life ticks on by and we try to make the most of each day however it comes and for us that’s perfectly imperfect.

making our world go ’round

August 5, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

our new cat chloe: chloe trying to beat the heat. #VSCOcam #catsofinstagram #alaskasummer #80ishotinalaska
zelda, well being zelda: Headstand practice#zeldacaptureslawn concert❤️🌸
and visitors from texas. no pictures yet. everyone is still sleeping after a late arrival last night. today will be special as zelda meets her new sister and gets to play with her brother on her own turf.

making our world go ’round: delighting in the season

December 12, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

we are doing our best to embrace the holiday season and winter.  the snow isn’t great, which has dampened our spirits a bit, but that doesn’t mean we’re not finding other ways to have fun.  tonight its cookie decorating, going for a ride on a moose and taking a driving tour of christmas lights. and its time to get zelda from school so our adventures can begin!  

here are a few things we found delight in this week:
hugs for the ornamentskissing her ornament counting the daysa 3 year old’s excitement for christmas is hard to beatno excuse not to skatea lake already cleared for us to go ice skating and only a block from the house!IMGP8317.jpgIMGP8334.jpgIMGP8351.jpgIMGP8353.jpgsoup on cold nights and the goofiness that accompanies dinner most nights. we even love the negotiations about how many pieces of candy she gets from the advent calendar because we know there’s only one there and we got her to finish her soup in order to get it!
IMGP8362.jpgIMGP8367.jpgboxes still make the best toys.
IMGP8386.jpgIMGP8390.jpgIMGP8391.jpgcounter concerts before school brighten up the dark morning.