a note for the end of the school year

May 19, 2016 by meg | 2 Comments

what i want to be when i grow up

picture at school on the board asking the kids what they want to be when they grow up.

it’s been a good school year. ¬†zelda has grown a lot in so many ways.

Last day of early kindergarten for Captain America!

last day of early kindergarten and she declares she is captain america!

she’s definitely taller. she’s definitely bolder. she’s definitely more confident. she’s definitely more creative. she’s definitely more zelda.

first day of #school, pre-k. so begins our first foray into full days every day. she was excited and jumped right in. she also looks sweet in her #uniform.

the first day of early kindergarten.

i have to say we lucked out in the kid department. watching zelda grow is a pleasure and she’s a good kid, challenging, but good. ¬†here’s to a wonderful summer of adventures!

birthday week has begun

September 15, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP6521.jpgwe’re really going all out this year for zelda’s birthday. yesterday we partied with our anchorage friends and ate lots of ice cream. on wednesday we leave to go to iowa to kick off two weeks of fun with friends and family there, including a royal princess tea party on saturday to celebrate zelda and her cousin’s birthdays. we may be setting the bar a little too high for future celebrations, but zelda’s excitement and enthusiasm are infectious and we’ve all caught the birthday spirit.IMGP6543.jpgIMGP6539.jpgIMGP6542.jpgIMGP6530.jpgIMGP6554.jpgimage-17.jpegUntitledthings may be quiet around here after tomorrow, but we’ll be back in early october with a full recap of our midwest adventures.

zelda and school

June 2, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMG_7403IMG_7398zelda loves going to school, aka daycare each morning. over the weekend she asked repeatedly if it was time to go to school. this morning the first thing she asked was whether she was going to school. we credit her enthusiasm for school in large part to her wonderful teacher, Ms. Colleen, and her classmates. she loves them all dearly. although zelda’s schedule remains the same, last week was the end of the year bbq and celebration. zelda and her classmates sung a wonderful train song all dressed as conductors inside train cars. i got a tiny bit of it on video here. also, for a quick look back, here zelda is on her first day of daycare.

also as part of the end of the year activities, zelda brought home a portfolio with her art work from the year and a disk containing all the pictures snapped of her at school. it’s really a sweet gesture for the school to put these together. here are some of the pictures of zelda at school with all of them here.
2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY sorry for the silence this past week. we’ve has some technical difficulties (water and modems don’t mix), but we are up and running again. after today (i start school again) i’ll get us caught up so the blog should be busy this week so check back often.
oh, and i noticed this morning getting zelda ready for school that she comes up to my hip. how did that happen?!? we know she’s a big girl, but geez, she’s still my baby.

2.5 years old

March 16, 2014 by meg | 1 Comment

IMGP2033.jpgIMGP2034.jpgtoday zelda turns 2.5 years old or 30 months, but counting in months now seems too babyish for our robust little girl. however, the month computation is reflective of how the time has felt, the longest 30 months of our life, yet the shortest 2.5 years. to capture this time, we did a small portrait session with the inducement of wearing new tutus. gma kitty brought the beautiful polka dot dress and ebgma picked up the fun spring time dress for zelda while we were in nyc.
we also asked her for her thoughts on some different topics.
mama: what’s your favorite color?
zelda: brown (although we suspect it may really be pink or purple)
mama: how old are you?
zelda: two!! (holding up her index finger to indicate the number)IMGP2089.jpgIMGP2118.jpgIMGP2075.jpgmama: what’s your favorite food? pizza?
zelda: hummus
mama: hummus or cookies?
zelda: cookies
mama: cookies or candy?
zelda: candy
mama: candy or ice cream?
zelda: candyIMGP2177.jpgIMGP2168.jpgIMGP2215.jpgmama: is zelda big or tiny?
zelda: tiny
mama: what do you want to be when you grow up?
zelda: happy!

it’s all about being a big girl

January 28, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP1117.jpgIMGP1115.jpgIMGP1121.jpgIMGP1147.jpgthese days everything involving zelda is about being a big girl, not a baby. whether its wearing undies, which she now does any time she is not sleeping (and threw a fit when i tried to put her in a pull up for nap time yesterday) or using scissors and markers. she does it all because she’s a big girl or at least that’s what she’ll tell you.IMGP1129.jpgon the potty training front we’re lucky to have a day care teacher so willing to work with zelda. her only requirement is five changes of pants so that zelda stays in undies. yesterday she only went through 2 and they were her only accidents all day.IMGP1107.jpgthe big girl phase is a fun one. zelda definitely has an independent streak, but part of that also seems to be her doling out more hugs and kisses. right now as long as she’s in charge, she’s happy and generally mama and papa are too.