nearly finished

April 9, 2015 by meg | 3 Comments

IMGP9949.jpgIMGP9952.jpgit’s weird to think that we are nearly finished with the updates to our home. we’ve been at it now for 6 years and during that time our home has undergone a pretty significant transformation, actually several transformations, but i think we’ve settled into a good spot. it’s a nice feeling, not having any large projects on the immediate horizon. sure there are still updates to be done, like new windows and doors and possibly a fireplace, but those are more long term projects and ones that we hopefully won’t do ourselves.IMGP9959.jpgIMGP9961.jpgthe last big project we undertook was the backroom of our home. it’s a weird space, but i think we finally figured it out. we made it a family room, a place for crafts, sewing, music, dancing, games, etc. i was resistant to the family room concept, but it just makes sense. we put down carpet tiles that can be picked back up and washed, we installed our old dining room table that  i had updated and moved in a bench seat that provides us some more storage and plenty of seating for music making. IMGP9920.jpgIMGP9922.jpgIMGP9965.jpgIMGP9925.jpg our house is certainly colorful and full of do it yourself projects. i feel like it is ours 100% when i walk through the door. i think zelda and zach feel the same way about it. there are little pieces of us imprinted on this house, which is what definitely makes it our home.IMGP9945.jpgIMGP9968.jpg

the ol’ switch-a-roo

November 15, 2013 by meg | 0 comments

our bed relocated to the back

our bed relocated to the back

the closet office and a reading nook

the closet office and a reading nook

the couch still lives in the back for now

the couch still lives in the back for now

this was inevitable and quite frankly i’m surprised i managed to wait this long to switch out what was the back room and our bedroom.  i guess it was just figuring out exactly what the back room space would become and it finally became a family room and dance hall for little z.  with that in mind, i figured that we didn’t need that much space, so i swapped the rooms around yesterday afternoon.  zach and zelda settled in nicely to the newly appointed family room for bedtime stories last night.   i think both rooms will work nicely.

bedtime stories

bedtime stories

zelda's dolls have settled into the new digs nicely

zelda’s dolls have settled into the new digs nicely

zelda's relocated desk and family wall

zelda’s relocated desk and family wall

toys, games at the ready and a mirror for dancing

toys, games at the ready and a mirror for dancing

bigger work table to share

bigger work table to share with coffee table turned bench that can be pulled out for game playing when needed

kids garden

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It’s been a busy weekend at the household. We had the inaugural session of the kids garden in the back, which required collection and transport of cement blocks for forming into the outline of the kids garden. We’ve set up a small platform as well, for both kids garden enjoyment and perhaps as a nice spot for a cup of coffee in the morning by the creekside once the leaves fill in across the bank. Zelda, of course, was a good helping in getting things ready.




Of course, plants can’t go into a garden without friends, so a few friends were created.20130513-092715.jpg

20130513-092724.jpgZelda and her little friends had two tasks at hand Saturday – first was to decorate each of their blocks with some paint. Everyone had a great time painting, sponging, tasting and adding color to their blocks . After that, it was time for final assembly of the garden and planting of the children. Safe to say they all had lots of fun.






20130513-093011.jpgAfter we were done in the garden, it was time for a delicious snack of dirt and worms!


It was a hit!


anatomy of a room

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dinner table

as you walk into our house through the front door, you are instantly in one open room that is our entryway, dining area and kitchen. we like to think of our dining area and the entry to our house as separate from the kitchen. geographically, its separated by the kitchen counter so it feels like a separate space. if you compare it to how it was when we moved in, oh wait, you can’t. we didn’t take any pictures of this space because it wasn’t really used and didn’t feel separate from the kitchen as a whole. so here’s the quick rundown on major changes in the past four years – built-in desk under window (by where bookcase is currently) removed, wallpaper and drop ceiling removed, small can lights installed, giant lamp added, blue paint added to walls and under counter, hooks under counter installed, garage door painted chalkboard, front door painted red, trim on windows painted white. this space along with the kitchen is probably one of the most renovated spaces in the house. overall, it’s much more pleasing to look at and a lot more useful.
corner bookcase

metal storage cart

front door

garage door entry

coats and shoes

anatomy of a room

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we are coming up on four years in our home in february. in the past we’ve done video house tours and posted them on flickr, but this year i think we’ll just do a breakdown of each room via photos noting different features or anything that’s substantially changed. of course, with my penchant for rearranging these posts will be mere snapshots. as zach knows all too well, how the house was when he left for work in the morning, may not be the house he returns to in the evening.  nonetheless, over these past years this place has really turned from a house into a home.  one that i’m quite proud of because we did most of the work ourselves.  its changed so much since we purchased it.

without further ado, we start with zelda’s room, which is never this clean.  i happened to be able to clean it up and grab some photos while her and papa went to the library this afternoon.

z room 1

z room 2

z room 3.jpg

z room 4

z room 5