my favorite picture of our family in 2015

December 23, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

holiday photo.jpgposting has been sporadic at best, but this is still one of my favorite spots on the internet. we hope to do better in the coming year, but no promises. what we can give is our sincerest wishes for the best holiday season. may it be filled with love, fun and the making of good memories.
love- meg, zach and zelda

making our world go ’round – holiday happiness

December 15, 2015 by meg | 1 Comment

lots of fun and silliness this holiday season, well except maybe the actual photo opportunity with santa who zelda will tell you is just pretend since the real santa is at the north pole getting ready for christmas. IMG_5200.jpgIMG_5182.jpgIMG_5195.jpgIMG_5212.jpgIMG_5175.jpgIMG_5217.jpgIMG_5188.jpgZ santa 2015.jpg

christmas 2014

December 31, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP8688.jpgIMGP8682.jpgbefore the new year is upon us, i thought i’d post these pictures we took at christmas.  we started our own christmas tradition this year with regard to gifts.  instead of waiting until after dinner on christmas eve to open gifts, we did it about 2:30 in the afternoon.  it worked out perfectly.  zelda made piles of each person’s gifts then took turns opening and made sure no one went out of turn, including herself.  she very conscientiously asked what each tag said before opening her present.IMGP8591.jpgIMGP8635.jpgIMGP8622.jpgIMGP8645.jpg i think the earlier time worked well. afterwards we played with her gifts for a while before having dinner and a movie, then off to bed by 7pm. before going to bed in her christmas jammies, zelda set out cookies and milk for santa and lined up all her open presents under the tree so santa would know what she had already received.  uploadneedless to say mama and papa got a little of what they wanted for christmas too then, peace and quiet at a reasonable hour.
merry christmas! on christmas morning zelda got her gifts from santa and we all opened our stockings.  zelda was very happy to see that santa not only brought her the purple tutu she asked for, but also roller skates.  then it was a lot of tea parties and lip gloss.
IMGP8699.jpgwhile we enjoy our time with family on the holidays, its also nice to have a quiet day just the three of us.  it was a very relaxing christmas.

winter celebrations

December 23, 2014 by meg | 1 Comment

IMGP8472.jpgUntitledUntitledUntitled%20%20we kicked off the weekend on friday night with a community solstice celebration. zelda got to open on package early in light of the night’s activity, ice skating! we had a great time listening to music and skating (me shuffling in boots sans skates) around the speed skating rink. then with a cup of cocoa in hand we headed over for a horse drawn sleigh ride. it was a lot of fun.
over the weekend we then had the fortune to host two wonderful groups of friends. first, it was zelda’s turn to have friends over for a winter/holiday themed crafternoon. her and her friends made ice cream cone trees. these are the perfect craft for 3 years olds, easier than gingerbread houses and not as easily consumable as cookies, but still all the ingredients are edible and fun for those who need at least a nibble. the kids were all great and most of the frosting was used for decoration, but the marshmallows seemed to end up more in bellies than on trees.

after zelda’s party ended, we shifted to the adults. zach and i had our sixth or seventh annual holiday cocktail party. this year we were ambitious and served 20 friends dinner paired with various cocktails, which we called flights of fancy. we asked our guests to dress to impress and they did! the menu is below. it was a lot of fun to plan and prepare and i think we did it well. nothing was too rushed or last minute and there very little stress. it was a great crowd of friends, really our family in alaska, and we really enjoy making this our gift to them during the holiday season.Menu.jpg
IMGP8528.jpgIMGP8529.jpgit was a big weekend, but tons of fun. i love having the house full of decorations, good friends and merriment, whether that’s youngsters running a little wild playing or boisterous conversation and laughter from adults. it’s what makes the holiday season for us. our plans for the next days are quieter with some skiing and more ice skating to be had, some gifts and probably some cuddly family movie dates on the couch. we hope your holidays are joy filled with all of the people and things you love about this season.

making our world go ’round: delighting in the season

December 12, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

we are doing our best to embrace the holiday season and winter.  the snow isn’t great, which has dampened our spirits a bit, but that doesn’t mean we’re not finding other ways to have fun.  tonight its cookie decorating, going for a ride on a moose and taking a driving tour of christmas lights. and its time to get zelda from school so our adventures can begin!  

here are a few things we found delight in this week:
hugs for the ornamentskissing her ornament counting the daysa 3 year old’s excitement for christmas is hard to beatno excuse not to skatea lake already cleared for us to go ice skating and only a block from the house!IMGP8317.jpgIMGP8334.jpgIMGP8351.jpgIMGP8353.jpgsoup on cold nights and the goofiness that accompanies dinner most nights. we even love the negotiations about how many pieces of candy she gets from the advent calendar because we know there’s only one there and we got her to finish her soup in order to get it!
IMGP8362.jpgIMGP8367.jpgboxes still make the best toys.
IMGP8386.jpgIMGP8390.jpgIMGP8391.jpgcounter concerts before school brighten up the dark morning.