winter getaway

January 19, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

we’re trying to get out and about this winter even though there’s not much snow. we went to girdwood on saturday night for an overnight trip with some friends. our efforts (and zelda’s nap in the car) paid off when we drove a little further and had the chance to take in some beautiful scenery along turnagain arm around sunset.

i really can’t complain about warmer temps since it made for a sunny and enjoyable day out with zelda on the magic carpet for her first downhill skiing experience. zelda loved it and got the hang of it pretty quick. another afternoon spent on the magic carpet and zach thinks he’ll be ready to take her up the bunny hill on the chair lift.downhill! Untitled

a successful day of skiing the magic carpet.

over the weekend

November 17, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

Aurora over Anchorage
not a lot and a whole lot happened all at the same time this weekend. we got things accomplished around the house – a piece of furniture moved from here to there, a few christmas decorations taken out and worked in with the autumn decor, moved a few things out to the growing donation pile in the garage. we casually shopped for a new fridge as ours will fail eventually, probably sooner than later based on its age, and we don’t want to have to scramble to find what we want, but we’d rather have a few ideas ready to go. zach helped a friend tune up his car. zach and zelda made a cake. zelda and i made crafts. we went on a couple of walks and kicked the soccer ball around. we watched a movie. sometimes the mundane is all you need. it was a good weekend.

not a bad view even from the car.

not a bad view even from the car.

keeping little z warm and entertained while we watch the northern lights.

keeping little z warm and entertained while we watch the northern lights.


not the northern lights, but a nice night picture looking back into the chugach mountains.

saturday night we went out for thai food then to watch the northern lights for a while. i guess that was out of the ordinary, watching the northern lights, not the thai food, but its one of our winter goals this year. we’ve only seen the northern lights a couple of times in the nine years we’ve lived in alaska and its mostly from a lack of trying, so this winter if the forecast is good we’re heading out even if its late to see what we can see.

fall fun iowa style

October 14, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

IMGP7428.jpgIMGP7434.jpgvisiting a small town fall fest (and brewery) and playing in corn bins. going to the pumpkin patch that’s next to the corn maze. and a pleasant picnic and hike among the rocks and trees. good ole’ fashioned fun that we soaked up last month.IMGP7390.jpgIMGP7445.jpgIMGP7441.jpgIMGP7438.jpgIMGP7479.jpgIMGP7402.jpgIMGP7336.jpgIMGP7345.jpgIMGP7347.jpgIMGP7358.jpgIMGP7404.jpgIMGP7338.jpgIMGP7482.jpg