from papa’s camera

January 28, 2015 by meg | 0 comments

a little of this and that from the past couple of weeks that i found on zach’s camera card when i got around to offloading the pictures. most of these were taken by zach with a few by me thrown in the mix. IMGP8938.jpgIMGP8937.jpgIMGP9006.jpgIMGP8971.jpgIMGP9152.jpgIMGP9170.jpgIMGP9012.jpgIMGP9036.jpgIMGP9042.jpgIMGP9127.jpg

over the weekend

November 17, 2014 by meg | 0 comments

Aurora over Anchorage
not a lot and a whole lot happened all at the same time this weekend. we got things accomplished around the house – a piece of furniture moved from here to there, a few christmas decorations taken out and worked in with the autumn decor, moved a few things out to the growing donation pile in the garage. we casually shopped for a new fridge as ours will fail eventually, probably sooner than later based on its age, and we don’t want to have to scramble to find what we want, but we’d rather have a few ideas ready to go. zach helped a friend tune up his car. zach and zelda made a cake. zelda and i made crafts. we went on a couple of walks and kicked the soccer ball around. we watched a movie. sometimes the mundane is all you need. it was a good weekend.

not a bad view even from the car.

not a bad view even from the car.

keeping little z warm and entertained while we watch the northern lights.

keeping little z warm and entertained while we watch the northern lights.


not the northern lights, but a nice night picture looking back into the chugach mountains.

saturday night we went out for thai food then to watch the northern lights for a while. i guess that was out of the ordinary, watching the northern lights, not the thai food, but its one of our winter goals this year. we’ve only seen the northern lights a couple of times in the nine years we’ve lived in alaska and its mostly from a lack of trying, so this winter if the forecast is good we’re heading out even if its late to see what we can see.

not catching up

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IMGP7722 i had been planning to play catch up here and post what we’ve been up to for the past 3-4 weeks, but that’s just not going to happen. instead of abandoning this space all together, which we certainly don’t want to do, we’ll just pick up from here. we will take the time to catch up on our 52 week photo project as we have the photos. but for that though, we are back and will try to be here at least a couple of times per week.

the past weeks have been busy. between the cloud of crud that descended over us, 3 year old growing pains adjustments and trying to get my law firm up and running, we fall into bed each night exhausted wondering where the day went. but we are on the mend and hopefully turning the corner on the craziness.

convalescence and random pics

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IMGP7548.jpgIMGP7560.jpgIMGP7559.jpgIMGP7492.jpgIMGP7487.jpgIMGP7508.jpgz and i are home today drinking tea, eating popcorn, sucking cough droops and bundled up. we’ve had coughs and crud since we left iowa. i figured since nothing else has worked so far that a day at home of convalescence might do the trick. z’s cough seems to be subsiding. today’s a good day for hunkering down as we got our first snow overnight and it’s still falling. IMGP7628.jpgIMGP7627.jpg
the pictures are details of gma kitty and pop’s gardens that zach took once he picked up a new macro lens on vacation and a moose that visited us last week. the moose elicited a lot of excitement until it decided to nibble on our roses. zelda was very upset about that. she calmed down once he moved on to the trees in the neighbor’s yard. apparently she has quite the sense of ownership over our yard and isn’t interested in sharing with the moose even if mama and daddy are ok with it.IMGP7599.jpg
and one final picture of zelda on her first day of big girl dance.

changes afoot

August 25, 2014 by meg | 1 Comment

we have been watching many of our friends head back to school over the last few weeks.  today is my first day of school for the fall semester, but i’m a little too old for that first day of the new school year photo, plus since its online i don’t have cute new clothes or a backpack to show off.

self color coordinated

zelda likes to take outfit photos to send daddy if she gets dressed after he leaves for work.

next tuesday is zelda’s first day of preschool and we’ll post those cute backpack (mochila) toting photos then.  she’ll be changing schools, which is bittersweet. she (and we) love her teacher, ms. colleen, but she would have been moving on from that classroom regardless.  at zelda’s request she will be attending spanish school or as the adults refer to it spanish immersion montessori preschool.  her days will be longer as she’ll go from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.  this will be a good transition for zelda who is used to a half day of school.  she’s been wanting more and more to stay at school longer, so an extra couple of hours should be welcomed.


when she smiles for her before school photos she often says “good morning daddy!”

with zelda in school longer hours, i’ll be pursuing a few opportunities as well.  while continuing to work on my masters in mental health law, i will also be joining a private civil rights firm to get its special education practice up and running.  i started my career in alaska practicing special education so this will be sort of coming full circle.  it’s nice that i’ll get to set my own hours and workload.  similarly, i’ve decided to work on opening my own legal practice.  i’ll be focusing on estate planning, specifically for young families with and without kids.  i think this is a segment of the population that either doesn’t think about this type of planning or doesn’t know where to start. i’m hoping i can be a resource for them.  this too will also allow me to set my own hours and workload.

summer has been extraordinary and i’m ready to get back to work in some capacity. i am glad i took the time away from practicing and recharged and reset my priorities. hopefully the lessons from my time away will resonate and i’ll be able to achieve a work life balance that works for me and my family. so here’s to a new school year for 2/3 of our house, one filled with learning, adventures and fun.