burrell boom

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20130501-133921.jpgburrell boom is the town we stayed in (since by the time this posts we’ll have started our journey home). it’s tiny, as you can see from the map above, with about 1000 folks located 30 miles west of belize city.

after we got settled on saturday we took a walking tour. best part was finding a roadside food stand selling bbq chicken lunches with rice and beans, coleslaw and a big tortilla. the tortillas here are very good. a cross between a flour tortilla in the states and naan. i’ve managed to have several since.
we went walking through again on tuesday afternoon. everyone on the streets greeted us and has been super friendly. folks often asked if we were doing ok or where we were headed. of course, we got lots of double takes and “oh there’s a baby” when people finally saw that zelda was on my back, which isn’t always obvious from the front. once noticed zelda would always wave at passersby and get lots of waves and smiles in return.




free hair friday – first braids in belize

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on thursday we made a return visit to caye caulker to visit a gallery that wasn’t open during our first visit and to get zelda’s hair braided. while i can do her hair i haven’t done braids. we asked around and the locals all said to go to anita, so we did.

zelda slept through most of it, which was impressive because anita didn’t mess around detangling her hair. zelda woke up for the last two braids and was upset but was happily waving bye bye when it was all done. 20130502-200523.jpg20130502-200616.jpg20130502-200629.jpg20130502-200647.jpg


birds in belize

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on wednesday we got up before the sun to head out on a bird watching tour at crooked tree wildlife sanctuary. while we were having good luck spotting and identifying birds with the guide we brought, the tour was awesome.

we went out on spanish creek with a wonderful guide. being on the water was nice on a super hot day and we saw several birds and crocodiles we hadn’t seen before. there’s a picture of the running list of birds we spot so we can remember them later.

capturing pictures of birds with my iPhone is tough. you may spot them, but i primarily took photos and videos to capture the scenery. you can see the bird pictures and more belize pictures karen took here. 20130501-135733.jpg20130501-135741.jpg20130501-135757.jpg20130501-135811.jpg20130501-135827.jpg20130501-140303.jpg


caye caulker – part 2

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a random smattering of photos from our visit to caye caulker on monday. we’ll be headed back tomorrow to enjoy a little more island time before we leave. 20130501-132743.jpg20130501-132757.jpg20130501-132810.jpg20130501-132719.jpg20130501-133135.jpg20130501-133151.jpg20130501-133214.jpg

caye caulker – part 1

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karen caught these great pictures yesterday of zelda and i during our time on caye caulker. we had gone wading, but soon enough zelda was out of her clothes digging in the wet sand and trying to swim in the shallow water. 20130430-070407.jpg20130430-070413.jpg20130430-070423.jpg20130430-070432.jpg20130430-070440.jpg20130430-070446.jpg