potty training

September 4, 2013 by meg | 1 Comment

8278021139_01be1c3fe1_h-1600 yep, we are in the throws of potty training. zelda has been interested for a while, but now she has the ability to get her pants and diaper off and sometimes tell us before she has to go. we’re trying to keep some sort of routine around using her potties, before and after going to sleep or if we change clothes. so far she mainly likes her tiny potties, but does try the larger one from time to time. she’s also using the potty at daycare and loves those because they are miniature real toilets.
8315907484_394deb24dc_h-1600.jpg to help keep her motivated i shared this picture with her of mama learning to use the potty too.

back to school

August 26, 2013 by meg | Comments Off on back to school

with school starting here in anchorage and elsewhere, i’ve decided to go back to school as well.  my first class is today and so starts a two year journey of getting a masters of arts degree in mental disability law.  it’s taught by a law school, but not only for lawyers.  my classmates may be social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, hospital administrators, really anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in this field, and there are often students from all over the world.  i’m excited to get a chance to get a more in depth education in one of my primary practice areas, which isn’t always possible when handling cases and the day to day issues that pop up.


to start the school year off right, i created a space dedicated to my new endeavor, the closet office.  what was once chock full of my sewing odds and ends is now a bona fide office.  the great things is we were able to create this office with furniture and things we had around the house.  the only new addition is the screen door (and maybe a lock) to keep little hands out of the space.   i’m really happy how the office turned out and i think it will be a fine space to sit and participate in classes.  also, it’s nice to have some of my things put in a space dedicated to them.  as you will notice from the photos below, some of my sewing stuff still resides in the office.  in fact, my desk is really a sewing table with the machine hidden inside.  super handy for when procrastination calls.


IMGP9310-1600.JPGalso after being out of day care for the end of last week, zelda makes her return to “school” today as well.  it’s amazing how going to day care has really enhanced her verbal skills.  this little one is talking up a storm, especially in the last four or five days.  new words in her repetiteur – thank you, love, zelda, leg, lap, slice, chop, brow (eyebrow), straw (strawberry), berry…and many many more.  here she is all set to head back to day care this morning with self selected shoes.


how we ladies roll

June 20, 2013 by meg | Comments Off on how we ladies roll

zelda and i got a new skateboard or more accurately we finally got wheels for a skateboard i picked up over the winter. so far no falls, including my trip last night up and down the street. zelda got pushed down the street holding my hand and really seems to like it.


skinned lip

May 7, 2013 by meg | Comments Off on skinned lip

today zelda got her first skinned lip running around outside. i think this will be the first of many bumps and bruises the summer since she seems to go full throttle all the time. the nice thing was that she was more upset having to come inside to clean her lip than she was about having fallen on the cement.

zelda’s a ski machine

April 14, 2013 by meg | Comments Off on zelda’s a ski machine

down the street to ski
we took advantage of the fine spring weather today to get zelda on her cross country skis for the first time. she was excited to go, eager to try and really dang good at it. the only tears or frustration were when it was time to go so we’ve been shoveling the snow out of our yard and raking it down to create a little ski path at the end of the driveway. we’ll try to get her out as many times as possible between now and when the snow melts.
stepping into the skisbuckling ingetting her feet under herhigh fives and smileson her own smilingusing her arms for balancesteady now

waving at the plane overheadstompin the deep snowlearning about glidea smile for the camera