recipe box

we use a lot of different resources for cooking inspiration and instruction, from cooking magazine subscriptions, a book case full of books, recipe cards passed on from here and there and of course the internet.  like any good cooks, we’re also always on the look out for other new and tasty recipes to make.  in an effort to better organize those resources and to share some of the tastier recipes we make here, we’re making a virtual recipe box.  generally the recipes will say where they came from and indicate any adaptations we’ve made.  sometimes there may be no recipe at all, just a link to a wonderful cooking site. oh, and of course, there will be cocktail recipes included as well.

recipes will follow this post newest posted to oldest.  we’ll also try to tag ’em well so if you’re on the hunt for something specific a search will hopefully turn up what you’re or we’re looking for.

cheers and happy cooking!