Post-Turkey Update – or a smattering of what we’ve been up to


We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend – by and far we did.  While last week started out fantastic (if you’re an Alaskan and enjoy snow) –


By the end of the week it wasn’t quite as wonderland-y 🙁 –

No Snow  but we didn’t let that stop us.  We had a fine feast with friends on Thursday.  Before the feast, Zelda and Zach did their best professional runner impersonation at the 2015 Anchorage Turkey Trot with hundreds of other just crazy enough locals.  Zelda ran into one of her classmates and they had a great time running (and flapping) throughout the race.  Zelda may not keep the impersonator title for long based on how much running she did over the 3k. IMG_1105   %20   %20Anchorage Turkey Trot 2015

There was, of course, much dancing and performing over the weekend –  %20

a visit to the library where Zelda was quite helpful and put on a good show –


and even some experimentation on better ways to clean Zelda’s hair. Some proposals were less popular than others.

Not so small

We even had the chance to meet up for the first time with some extended-extended family for dinner on Saturday.  By Sunday night our holiday weekend was nearly over, hair was cleaned with new braids and beads in place, a few Mickey Mouse movies were enjoyed, and it was time once again to get ready for a return to work and school for us all.