dispatch from grandma marla and papa chuck


11257240_1590659147857190_7299204498415957794_n.jpg10985399_1591107894478982_2808355588413018406_n.jpg11222707_1591107871145651_2192023262854219904_n.jpgafter a week at gma kitty and pop pop’s, zelda spent last week with my parents. her cousin holland came down to spend the week as well, double trouble for grandma marla. but grandma kept them busy with a baseball game, going to a play, butterfly sanctuary, dress up, crafts and visits to the park.
11257836_1591072631149175_6795750407698309625_n.jpg10957399_1588588938064211_8707693431316747533_n.jpg11038568_1589591957963909_2192108573619841168_n.jpg two weeks into her time without us, zelda has gotten a little homesick, but the change of scene on sunday to my sister’s house probably helped, especially with the addition of all the new kids she’s met today at my sister’s in-home daycare and the care package from home that should arrive today. i’ve changed my ticket to be back in the midwest to see my little z again saturday evening. i can’t wait.