hello sunshine, hello texas.this past week’s solo trip to dallas was really good. it was very nice to see our birth mom, zelda’s brother and gigi, that’s birth grandma and my sister in law bradie. usually when i visit with these folks there’s always the welcomed distraction of little z hanging around vying for attention. it was nice to concentrate my efforts on this part of my family without distraction.
courtyard livingi’ll admit i was a bit nervous about going to dallas without zelda. she is the reason we have a dallas connection after all, but my nerves were for naught. i learned some great family tidbits, heard from zelda’s brother que about what he likes, his interests and that he wants to go to yale! he’s an amazing kid and quite the gentleman. same goes for the rest of them. i enjoyed adult conversations and talking about my family and our hopes and dreams for zelda. oh and a little baby shopping for little sister to be. can’t help but spoil a baby girl even if she hasn’t been born yet. it was just fantastic time.

i was remiss and didn’t take a single picture of the family. i wish i would have, but the conversation was good. the memories are there. i think this needs to be a regular thing, birth mom, sister in law and of course my own sister next time. we are the women of this tribe that need to be connected for the future. it’s important we spend time together and build our bonds. i think i can safely say we want our children to all know each other well and feel they are connected as they grow up. in the meantime we must nurture their bond, especially since they live plane rides apart. until next time ladies…