i like you


thanks for the fun stuff!this week zach has been gone to the slope for work, which left zelda and i to our own devices. even though i am the one who primarily shuttles her to and from school, we don’t get a lot of time to just hang out. this week we found ourselves with more time to just spend together with no other pressing obligations. we even took today off to spend the morning together, go to the dentist and then do swim and a special dinner date.
Friday night skateswhat has become apparent this week is that i really like zelda. you may say duh! but this is different than just the unconditional love and affection i have for her as her mom. i’m getting a glimpse of the person she is and will be and she’s a good kid. she’s personable, funny and a lot of fun. this week while challenging as a parent, was fun and it’s got me looking forward to a 10 day mama and zelda camping road trip we have planned for this summer.