our new year’s eve


this year we combined what the adults wanted to do with some fun for zelda.  we had a very nice dinner with another couple and their daughter, with a brief run outside to see fireworks just before dessert.

NYE Prep

getting all glammed up for nye

one of my two nye dates.crazy party at the end of dinner. then we went from fancy dress to stocking hats and rain boots and enjoyed a second dessert of roasted marshmallows around a bon fire at friends’ house. zelda got a chance to run around and play with the kids after being so well behaved at dinner. we did it all this year, including climbing onto the roof to try to get a better peek at some rouge fireworks going off in the neighborhood.
from fancy dress to stocking hats and rain boots. we're doing it all this NYE including climbing onto the roof. awesome fun with friends.NYE bonfire. #latergram it was two kinds of awesome fun with friends