free hair friday – doing it herself


UPDATE: There should be a video at the end of this post. If it doesn’t show up for you, here’s a handy direct link.

IMGP9179.jpgIMGP9183.jpgIMGP9186.jpgIMGP9205.jpgIMGP9187.jpgonce again its not friday, but we like to meet zelda where and when she’s ready for something. for the past 3-4 days, zelda has been signaling pretty hard that she wants more involvement in doing her own hair. she’s repeatedly taken out her hair brush and spent time in front of the mirror brushing and “braiding” her hair.IMGP9206.jpg IMGP9218.jpgIMGP9219.jpgIMGP9191.jpgIMGP9199.jpg she stayed home from school with a cough, but as you’ll be able to see in the video was feeling a lot better by the afternoon. i was making soup and i smelled conditioner. i found her in her bathroom with the bottle out and her hair brush in her other hand. i figured no time like the present to start to teach her a bit about what the different things we use on her hair are for and how to use them since she seems eager to know and do more. doing it in front of the computer gave me a chance to capture the video and also made a convenient mirror at the kitchen counter, a spot where we often do hair anyway.