finding the thread

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zelda captures all of usi’ve spent the last couple of years wondering what my thing is. i read a lot of lifestyle blogs and biographies and most of them center around what the author has found to be the defining thing in his or her life, whether that be yoga, spirituality, farming, art, the outdoors, skiing, running, etc. i like the idea of having a unifying passion around which everything else gets context.

i think tradition and rituals are important and provide context for things we experience. for a long time they came from a few sources. mostly they come from religion or specific cultural ties. as times have evolved and religion for some, like me, is not the cornerstone of life and i don’t feel like i have had strong cultural traditions or rituals handed down as part of my identity, it’s made me feel a bit adrift. i think that’s what a lot of what i’ve been reading, people finding something grounding and centering. rituals and traditions around a preferred activity or interest or passion, whatever you want to term it.

then in one of those a ha moments, i think i’ve finally figured it out. i think my passion or my connecting thread is my home and family. i think i am passionate about being a homemaker. antiquated, right? i resisted the notion as it floated through, but as i go back and look in this space and around my house and think about what i really enjoy doing and feel really satisfied doing its homemaking. i feel very strongly about making my home for my family. i spend a lot of time and mental energy thinking about home, family, relationships, design, aesthetic, etc. of course i don’t mean just the physical space, but also the intention for my family, the general vibe for my family, ensuring everyone is happy and healthy, which starts with a healthy and happy mama.  planning for the future of our family and also living each day in a good way. basically that idea that home is wherever we are together.

so there you have it. my calling is to be a homemaker. i would have never guessed in a million years that would be my thing. but now that i think about it even more, it really makes sense and is a good explanation (excuse) for my painting and furniture rearranging obsession. it’s the reasoning behind my gardening, my desire to raise chickens, the crafting and sewing i do. i want to do these things to create a certain lifestyle and feel for my family. i also think its one of the motivators for the work i am now doing, helping families have a sense of security and planning for the future.

i am happy to have put a name to it so i can do take that effort that’s had me searching for my thing and put it into the important work of building those rituals and traditions that are important to our home and family. we already have some, but they are so ingrained that they go unnoticed like eating dinner together almost every evening. we do it because its important to our sense of family. its important to us to make good food to feed our family and i take great pleasure in seeing them enjoy it. another passion we all share as a family is bicycling and doing that together is important to us.  its an easy place to incorporate little traditions, such as a sunday morning ride (in warmer weather) to the coffee shop or go grocery shopping by bike, things we already do and enjoy occasionally, but perhaps should be done with more intention and forethought. of course i’ll be on the look out to incorporate or emphasize new rituals or traditions into our home. and since we don’t live in isolation, obviously, some of our efforts will be to improve our community, make the larger connections and contribute to hopefully making the world a better place.

really we just need some things that we can look back on in the future and say, yes that reminds me of home or a time that i remember fondly and makes me feel safe, comforted, happy and loved. in such a large world that moves so quickly and can demand so much of people, i think homemaking means creating a refuge for my family.