family date nights


sometimes zach and i are on the ball and get a babysitter and have a proper date night. but more often we find ourselves on a friday or saturday with zelda. last friday we still managed a little date night, but one that incorporated zelda. zelda and i went downtown to meet zach at the end of his day. zelda is fascinated by downtown. we stopped by the brewery to have a drink and a snack, zelda got a little screen time on daddy’s phone, while we had a chance to talk like adults. then we were off for an adventure through the streets of downtown. Untitled
Icy Polar Bear
we ended up at town square and watched the ice carvers working on ice sculptures. then not quite done with her downtown adventure, zelda opted to dinner out instead of at home. it’s nice to give her the choice with easy leftovers ready to go at home and an inexpensive option offered for eating out. we ate at the lucky wishbone, an anchorage relic. it was hoppin’ and a lot of fun. a great cross section of anchorage all hunkering down over the best fried chicken in town. zelda even saw a class mate at the restaurant. we had a lot of fun exploring and hanging together with no one having to make a concession to do an adult activity or a kid activity. yay, family win!