enough is enough


**i generally try to keep things here light and happy, but goddammit its not reality. so if you like the lighter side, stop reading now. i’ll post cute pictures tomorrow or the next day, but for today things need to be said to provide context in the history of this space that everything in the world is not alright.

i’m fed up. as i listened to the news this morning after dropping zelda at school i felt sick, i felt like crying out of anger and sadness. whether its injustice and riots here or bombing there, all of the news is bad news.

i’ll admit after the ferguson shooting happened i buried my head in the sand. it hits too close to home and i didn’t really understand my thoughts on the matter. the problem is my legal brain understands the arguments about letting the legal system (although broken, which i know its broken in lots of places) work its course, but after the nyc grand jury result my mother’s heart has unceremoniously told my brain to shut the f*** up. i think that’s probably wise of my heart.

i’m sad; sad for humanity. i’m also grateful that zelda is only 3 years old and swaddled in the cocoon of love from her family and friends. she doesn’t have to know what any of this means right now, but a time will come, because the problems we’re facing today won’t be resolved before she has to face them head on. she will be subject to racism and prejudice and judgment simply because she is black. i take solace that she will have a network of people who have her back no matter what, but sadly that won’t be enough.

people what are we doing?!? what is this world coming to? why do we use violence so readily? i really don’t understand. there is injustice being perpetrated all around the world on a variety of people. and i am not naive. i fully understand that these things are happening because of race. i also understand fully that i am white and do not have to confront these issues. but that doesn’t not mean i should sit idly by. my fight for justice and equality is now more personal and for my daughter. it now has a mother’s fierceness behind it. i have been wrong to ignore these injustices because my life is comfortable and my family does not currently have to confront these issues head on. that time is over. there is no sense in being outraged at how humanity is treating one another without taking action.

you may not feel as i do or feel the call to action as i do, but as we are in the holiday season regardless of your views of how events in any specific situation are unfolding i ask that you keep peace and love for humanity in your hearts. be kind. i don’t expect that every person will understand where another is coming from or agree with everyone else, but at least recognize first and foremost that people are people and you are a person too, which is something in common and shared. please for the love of humanity, at least recognize we are all humans and that there is value in that.