don’t be fooled


unnamed.jpg the grinch is at our house this holiday season. there are no presents under the tree and the chocolates have been removed uneaten from the advent calendar.

while we are trying to have lots of fun with zelda and do all the holiday things we like to do like baking cookies, visiting santa, looking at christmas lights, etc. to be perfectly honest, it’s tough. zelda is smart, headstrong and testing her boundaries big time. defiance with a smirk (i read that in a parenting advice article) seems like an appropriate description. in response we’ve started to put christmas in time out. and to keep the honesty rolling, it really hasn’t worked.

as her parents we are not the only ones having this experience with zelda. by all reports she is testing her boundaries at school too. people say watch out for the terrible twos, but at two zelda was very sweet. she still is, she’s just sprinkled a whole lot of spicy into the mix now.

we go day to day and try our best with some successes and some failures. we are exhausted, but on we go trying to have fun and enjoy each day. as parents all we want for christmas is some calm, quiet and cooperation. we are hoping santa can deliver it and the purple tutu zelda asked for.