christmas 2014


IMGP8688.jpgIMGP8682.jpgbefore the new year is upon us, i thought i’d post these pictures we took at christmas.  we started our own christmas tradition this year with regard to gifts.  instead of waiting until after dinner on christmas eve to open gifts, we did it about 2:30 in the afternoon.  it worked out perfectly.  zelda made piles of each person’s gifts then took turns opening and made sure no one went out of turn, including herself.  she very conscientiously asked what each tag said before opening her present.IMGP8591.jpgIMGP8635.jpgIMGP8622.jpgIMGP8645.jpg i think the earlier time worked well. afterwards we played with her gifts for a while before having dinner and a movie, then off to bed by 7pm. before going to bed in her christmas jammies, zelda set out cookies and milk for santa and lined up all her open presents under the tree so santa would know what she had already received.  uploadneedless to say mama and papa got a little of what they wanted for christmas too then, peace and quiet at a reasonable hour.
merry christmas! on christmas morning zelda got her gifts from santa and we all opened our stockings.  zelda was very happy to see that santa not only brought her the purple tutu she asked for, but also roller skates.  then it was a lot of tea parties and lip gloss.
IMGP8699.jpgwhile we enjoy our time with family on the holidays, its also nice to have a quiet day just the three of us.  it was a very relaxing christmas.