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photo by our friend at the rally

photo by our friend at the rally

some thoughts about taking a 3 year old to a rally. first, i am really glad we brought the carrier even though zelda was very heavy to carry. we walked a long way, crossing a lot of streets and there was a very small counter protest. i’m happy she was up and safe. second, it was good to see zelda watching and taking everything in. she saw people she knew and trusted alongside mom and dad, which i think is important because we told her that people at the rally wanted to make sure everyone was safe and had love and respect.

probably the two most poignant take aways were these: rallies and protests have chants and 3 year old’s mimic. it broke my heart to hear zelda say “hands up don’t shoot” along with the crowd. and when the rally deals with race and 3 year olds just don’t get the concept it’s made me vigilant to keep race talk away from her or minimized. i don’t want her to be hypersensitive to race at an early age. the time will come, but for now that doesn’t need to be on her radar.

would i take her again? yes, definitely. i think it’s important for all families, especially families raising black children, to be involved in these rallies. we are working to secure immediate and future safety and equality. to do so means showing up, letting others see who is effected and that these kids will be teenagers and adults in no time. i really would have liked to see more black families at the rally, but who knows the circumstances keeping them away. i don’t judge. it’s just an observation. our family will continue to show up and make ourselves seen and heard. zelda’s future depends on it.

two more photos from the news:


from ktva channel 11 news


from alaska dispatch news