this year is going to the dogs


colorful sleeperall smiles 2014 is not the year of the dog, at least not in the house. at some point last night darby stopped walking. after a visit to the vet today it seems like the reasons are mysterious and will remain that way without invasive surgery. it could be a soft tumor on her spine, she could have had some version of a doggy stroke. it’s just uncertain. for now she is resting and taking steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs. if she’s not walking or moving around by friday morning, we have an appoint for a wheelchair fitting so that she might be able to move about a bit.IMGP8794.1600IMGP8797.1600it’s another poignant reminder that our dogs are older. darby is 11 and honey is 12. interestingly, perhaps zelda first noticed darby wasn’t feeling well when yesterday she brought darby her blanket and started covering her up with it. darby was still walking, but zelda was trying to keep her “comfy cozy”, just like we do with zelda when she’s feeling under the weather. those two have gotten along well ever since zelda was a wee baby.
tummy time companion bestiesleaning on darby darby has been infinitely patient with zelda and seems drawn to her and her blankets and cushions, which we will use now to keep darby as comfy cozy as possible as we wait and see.Help fight corgi homelessness