princess overload


IMGP6611.jpgIMGP6732.jpgIMGP6731.jpghere is a random smattering of the princess birthday party we had in iowa for zelda and her cousin holland’s birthdays late last month. there are a ton of pictures that we’ll get posted up to flickr in the coming days, but here are some highlights.
IMGP6579.jpga big shout out to que who took most of these. he really captured the morning well. i’ll also be posting either later this week or early next about the afternoon get together, which was really awesome, but i figured the princesses deserved their own post first.IMGP6750.jpgIMGP6673.jpgIMGP6643.jpgIMGP6722.jpgIMGP6920.jpgIMGP6649.jpgIMGP6719.jpgIMGP6904.jpgIMGP6686.jpgIMGP6666.jpg