one giant happy family

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IMGP7066.jpgafter the princess party, we opened our awesome rental home (it has a tree growing through it!) to everyone and anyone. it was quite the facebook experiment. we put out an invite on facebook and waited to see who would show in person. to say it was amazing is an understatement. we saw folks we hadn’t seen in years, including a friend who drove over from chicago to see me for the first time in probably 13 or so years.IMGP7254.jpg what was most satisfying about the whole get together (of about 60 friends and family) is that everyone is doing well. it’s hard to tell via facebook if people are really well or just posting only the good stuff, but in person everyone was giving off a great vibe that they seemed happy and well.IMGP7228.jpgIMGP7224.jpg que was again manning the camera doing a great job. we didn’t get a shot of the crowd, but it was crazy. what he captured instead are great moments. all of our friends and cousin’s kids playing together. nia and the princesses having a ball. bradie mugging for the camera. these are super special.IMGP7009.jpgIMGP7007.jpgthis get together really reinforces to us that our family and friends are really one big happy family that we cherish. we love you all and we loved seeing everyone. hopefully another handful of years won’t have to pass before we can do it again.IMGP7034.jpg