convalescence and random pics


IMGP7548.jpgIMGP7560.jpgIMGP7559.jpgIMGP7492.jpgIMGP7487.jpgIMGP7508.jpgz and i are home today drinking tea, eating popcorn, sucking cough droops and bundled up. we’ve had coughs and crud since we left iowa. i figured since nothing else has worked so far that a day at home of convalescence might do the trick. z’s cough seems to be subsiding. today’s a good day for hunkering down as we got our first snow overnight and it’s still falling. IMGP7628.jpgIMGP7627.jpg
the pictures are details of gma kitty and pop’s gardens that zach took once he picked up a new macro lens on vacation and a moose that visited us last week. the moose elicited a lot of excitement until it decided to nibble on our roses. zelda was very upset about that. she calmed down once he moved on to the trees in the neighbor’s yard. apparently she has quite the sense of ownership over our yard and isn’t interested in sharing with the moose even if mama and daddy are ok with it.IMGP7599.jpg
and one final picture of zelda on her first day of big girl dance.