weekly photo project – playing catch up


28/52 (double papa, but no mama this week):

ZZZ 28/52

zelda’s hair is super long these days.

ZJZ 28/52

papa showing zelda how its done on the swings.

up in the air in palmer

papa tosses zelda up in the air in palmer.



zelda testing the waters in the creek. brr, its cold.

ZZZ 29/52

papa showing zelda how to work the dipnet.

MAZ 29/52

hugs for mama.


ZZZ 30/52

zelda at trail river campground.

ZJZ 30/52

papa and zelda camping.

MAZ 30/52

mama relaxing in the sun with bob and gen as they plan the epic bike ride.

31/52 (doubled up on mama since we missed her earlier):

ZZZ 31/52

zelda’s self serve facet technique.

ZJZ 31/52

papa transport. all aboard!

MAZ 31/52

mama’s main job these days is being zelda’s bike support.

MAZ 31/52

mama leading her charges off into the woods for an evening stroll.


ZZZ 32/52

zelda is ready to rollerskate.

ZJZ 32/52

papa and bob tutu excited to ride their first leg of the epic bike ride.

MAZ 32/52

mama and zelda enjoying an ice cream treat on a break from the epic bike ride.