making our world go ’round


puddle cycling

we’re back! it’s still summer in most of the country for at least the remainder of august, but here summer is winding down in earnest. it rained yesterday and the forecast certainly suggests more to come. as we start to wind down our summer and get ready for the rainy season where the temps are still nice, but there’s lots of rain and lots of mud, oh and puddles, which we will stomp to our hearts content, i wanted to recap our summer. it’s been a great one. we’ve done all those quintessential summer activities and stayed oh so busy. i’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and from what i can tell zelda and zach have too. here’s what’s made our world go ’round this summer:
hamming it upshe rides like the wind
bicycling for everyone!
garden is growingthe peas are here!giant fennelgarden helpermultitasking
the garden. i’ve never been so in love with my yard and garden. taking the time to get to know it and what’s planted in it a little more this year has really payed off. also, zelda has quite the interest in plants. she can identify a few and it makes this mama so proud. and if you need anything watered, she’s your gal. just a great garden helper.
walk like a duckon top of papa at the top of the passberry picking beautymy campers headed out until tomorrow so i can write my final.summer adventures. we’ve camped, mama’s been mountain biking, papa’s been fishing, we’ve been on road trips, seen friends and enjoyed the farmers’ markets.
a tall towertired camper
of course, zelda makes our world go round like no other, in fact she’s the center of it most days. what treat to watch her grow and change this summer. she’s is chatting up a storm, using more and more complex concepts and really asserting her independence. i love hearing her earnest “thanks” and her enthusiasm about her birthday next month, which she knows is in september and will tell you at every opportunity.