room reorganization

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yesterday when i picked up zelda from school i told her i had been cleaning her room and that we needed more baskets for her stuff and that we were headed to the store.  from there, zelda took charge.  once at the store she picked out the bins, pink and purple sparkly ones, and she picked out smaller containers to hold her treasures.  as we cruised the isles of the craft store she pointed out activities she would like to try and we got a few of those too.IMG_8381.jpgIMG_8383.jpgonce home, zelda remained in charge.  she decided what should go in her room and where. for example, she decided she needed a table to play on. i thought she liked the floor, but apparently a table was needed. good thing we had a spare one hanging around.  i like to rearrange zelda’s room and her toys every couple of months to reacquaint her with toys that may have been shelved or forgotten.  once put in a more visible spot, zelda went straight for her dress up trunk (and so did darby).IMG_8341IMG_8342IMG_8343when that was done with her room she decided it was time to make this and that.  she really loved using the long handled stamps i had picked up a while ago.  she also wanted to write letters on the cards she had specially picked out.  uncle austin and aunt bradie and holland and piper watch your mail boxes!IMG_8354IMG_8361IMG_8364IMG_8370yesterday was a good lesson in parenting a busy toddler.  just following her lead resulted in smooth sailing most of the afternoon and in the end zelda really entertained herself as long as mama was paying attention or nearby. i think i’ll be capitalizing on this lesson while its still fresh and making sure there are activity stations at her disposal and in reach to let her explore different things as they seem interesting to her. she seemed to take to activities that she could choose and didn’t have to be offered. message received, little z. we’ll make it happen! IMG_8346