last friday when zach had the afternoon off, he and zelda did an experiment together. it’s pretty simply, but each step is a lot of fun and the result is colorful and messy. IMGP5586.jpgfirst, they layered into a pan some baking soda. then they sprinkled it with citric acid. IMGP5593.jpgIMGP5605.jpgon top of that they added kool aid and jello powder to make a colorful design. and lastly they added water to watch it foam and fizz.IMGP5628.jpgIMGP5614.jpgthe results were fun to see and play in.IMGP5640.jpgIMGP5642.jpgafter the first round we did it again, but got a bit smarter and put zelda in a smock.IMGP5653.jpgIMGP5680.jpgIMGP5695.jpgzelda figured out somewhere along the way that the colored powder tasted good, but learned that the final mixture wasn’t so tasty.IMGP5657.jpgIMGP5668.jpgIMGP5701.jpgzelda really seems to enjoy doing experiments and they hold her attention. we’ll have to find another one to do with her again soon.