busy experimentingwaitingi’ve been trying to add in some new activities for zelda to try after she comes home from school in the afternoons.  we’ve done two “experiments.”  we call them experiments because something unexpected should happen.  the first one we tried was dyeing daisies in colored water. this was the perfect starter experiment for us since we were able to go and cut wild daisies and had everything already on hand.carefully pouringcolor codedcutting the flowersgently into the vasekind of dyeda tiny bit of blue this experiment was a great success even though the results were so so.  when she told her daddy about it that night she was so excited and said “i did it all by myself.”"i'm thinking, i'm thinking."painting with rubbing alcoholbleeding colorsthe second experiment was using sharpie markers to dye fabric. again another successful experiment in that it held zelda’s attention and she enjoyed the process and was proud of the final product, even though the colors didn’t bleed as much as i thought they might. i think i’ll sew her piece of dyed fabric into a scarf for her to wear.hanging it up to drychecking her workproud artistdaddy’s got a good one ready to go for tomorrow morning while i’m tethered to the computer for class. check back next week to see how that experiment went.