cooking with zelda


IMGP4797.jpgzelda has wanted to be very involved with cooking these days. the other morning she helped papa cook her eggs for breakfast. she’s also patted dry a fillet of halibut and seasoned it to perfection, stirred the greens on the stove (with help and supervision) and the other night she helped me make this recipe almost from start to finish.IMGP4806.jpgIMGP4809.jpgit’s been challenging to figure out just how she can help, but after a few times, i think we’re getting into a nice groove and i’ve found some tricks, like providing a separate bowl for her to crack eggs into, just in case there’s shell or she misses, like here, so we can just scoop the egg from the counter into the bowl.IMGP4803.jpgIMGP4811.jpg
the eggplant meatballs were particularly great because there was no meat in them so she could handle the mixture without any concern about her putting her fingers in her mouth.IMGP4829.jpgIMGP4826.jpgIMGP4828.jpgthese turned out quiet nice and we enjoyed them with noodles and sauce.IMGP4834.jpgIMGP4839.jpg