zelda and school


IMG_7403IMG_7398zelda loves going to school, aka daycare each morning. over the weekend she asked repeatedly if it was time to go to school. this morning the first thing she asked was whether she was going to school. we credit her enthusiasm for school in large part to her wonderful teacher, Ms. Colleen, and her classmates. she loves them all dearly. although zelda’s schedule remains the same, last week was the end of the year bbq and celebration. zelda and her classmates sung a wonderful train song all dressed as conductors inside train cars. i got a tiny bit of it on video here. also, for a quick look back, here zelda is on her first day of daycare.

also as part of the end of the year activities, zelda brought home a portfolio with her art work from the year and a disk containing all the pictures snapped of her at school. it’s really a sweet gesture for the school to put these together. here are some of the pictures of zelda at school with all of them here.
2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY2013-14 school at GY sorry for the silence this past week. we’ve has some technical difficulties (water and modems don’t mix), but we are up and running again. after today (i start school again) i’ll get us caught up so the blog should be busy this week so check back often.
oh, and i noticed this morning getting zelda ready for school that she comes up to my hip. how did that happen?!? we know she’s a big girl, but geez, she’s still my baby.