rainy day activities



enjoying the fruits of provence

it’s been raining pretty solidly for two days now and i find i am unable to get out in the yard or garden, which leaves me with a lot more time inside. and surprisingly for once the house is clean and laundry done so that means i have time on my hands. time to tackle some long overdue projects. so far i’ve made a wedding album (five years after the fact) and a baby book of zelda’s first few weeks from when we were in dallas waiting clearance to come home to alaska. i’ve started one from our trip to france. photo albums or photo books are one of those things i think are important to have, but with the volume of pictures we take, can be hard to tackle. i’ve decided to just use flickr to create the books, which gets me both a book and i have to have all my photos for the books on flickr, which means they are then backed up somewhere other than our computer, another task that often gets pushed aside.

wrinkly little car seat zelda

familyone of the things i love most about this activity is getting to relive the memories through the pictures, especially those first few weeks with zelda which now seem like a blur. we look so young and tired in those photos (we still look tired, but i can assure you not as young). and looking through our france pictures, i’m ready to go again now.

pebble yard in provence

8034681705_caeeb09939_omaybe after all of this photo organization i’ll finally go back in the archives on the blog and reload the pictures that were lost when our old platform went kaput. that’s another one of those nagging projects that i’d like to get done. i’d like this space to be complete and right now we’re missing a lot of photos from when zelda first arrived and from before i think. i haven’t done a complete survey of missing pieces, but since they are part of our life story, i think its important to fill in the gaps. IMG_2938 2IMG_0469 2can you believe we’ve been at this blog for over 5 years now?!? i can’t. also that means this july 4th will be our 5th wedding anniversary. where has the time gone. kind of funny that i can look back at our wedding pictures and think those young kids. is 5 years really all that long? doesn’t feel like it was, but looking through these pictures shows me its been busy, busy, busy and a ton of fun.