princess dancing shoes


IMGP4213.jpgwell, these happened. it’s not something we would have normally given zelda, but after she had a pair at school and there was quite the fuss about leaving them at school, i struck a deal with her. if she could listen for an afternoon, which is really hard for her, and take her nap then we would go get princess dancing shoes. she held up her end of the deal and so did we. luckily we found these at the secondhand kid’s store, so really no big deal. watching her choose which ones was priceless. so much thought and hemming and hawing. picking out cinderella dancing shoes!
and to say she loves them is an understatement. she danced, she jumped, she added a crown, flower wands and a tutu to her outfit. i know the days that a $5 pair of secondhand plastic shoes can buy so much happiness are probably numbered, but for now, i say i struck a heck of a deal.IMGP4205.jpgIMGP4199.jpgIMGP4191.jpgIMGP4214.jpgwe love our princess!