making our world go ’round


our days are full and seem to keep getting fuller, but here’s what’s making them special:
IMG_7377.jpgzelda giving herself manicures with her washable markers.
IMG_7063.jpgmy new scooter. zach is so thoughtful and i think wants to keep me interested in riding that he got me this scooter. it’s a push button start and automatic, which is so much nicer on my broken feet.
image-8.jpgplants, plants, and more plants. i just can’t help myself, both indoors and out, but at least i scored this guy free from someone who is moving. such a steal!
chatterbox zelda. it’s nonstop unless she’s sleeping, receiving puppy kisses or indisposed (that takes concentration).
image-12.jpgimage-11.jpgzelda’s love of her family, which includes the dogs. we love how she mentions and asks for folks all on her own now. she’ll say, let’s call e. or the other day while having ice cream she said, pop pop likes to eat ice cream and popcorn and then she bust out laughing. it’s too sweet.image-4.jpgshe’s also getting excited for uncle austin and aunt bradie’s visit. she swears that the soundtrack to this movie, in particular jason segel singing and andrew bird whistling are her uncle austin singing. hope your ready uncle! also if she sees something she wants she asks for it and then one for holland too. how very generous of her.
image-7.jpgof course any day it isn’t raining we are outside. zelda and i are getting more in sync on my bike. her additional weight and my lack of general coordination can make for tricky starting and stopping, but she was comfortable enough the other day to nap. and speaking of napping, we’ve picked up a little trick in the car or on the bike, basically when zelda is in a seat, to get her to nap. we say, close your eyes and rest your head like asher showed you in arizona. and man if that doesn’t work at least 75% of the time, but shhh! don’t let zelda in on our secret. we need her to take those naps.
image-10.jpgimage-9.jpgand last but not least is zelda’s continuing fashion sense. she has fairly free reign on what she wears. here is her breakfast outfit the other morning and how she decided to dress for dinner at our friends’ house. i figure as long as she’s wearing something it’s ok by me.