introducing: nia and que


734933_10151194992897043_838680106_n.jpg156467_10151194991222043_558763644_n.jpgwe previously introduced and profiled some of zelda’s very favorite people (here and here), but these two take the cake, after her mama and papa of course. please give a hearty hello and welcome to zelda’s birth mom and her brother. now, before we get into the introductions, you may wonder why now. the story of us doesn’t exist without them, so we want to include them more here in this space. we already keep up with each other on facebook and instagram, video chat and some in person visits, but since this is where our story lives, they should be here too. but, wait, i’m getting ahead of myself. first introductions, then what we’re planning for the future.
day 1 of zeldafirst up, meet que. this is zelda’s brother. he just turned 10. this picture is one of my favorites. it’s zelda at one day old. que held her until his arms started to shake and then asked to hold her some more. the sweetest thing i could ever witness. 934953_10151451398507043_1518425269_n.jpg983642_10152036364072043_8699079381449998864_n.jpglike zelda, que has a lot of spunk and lots of hair. both are extremely outgoing kids, but once you learn more about nia below, you’ll see that comes naturally.UntitledUntitled we lasted visited dallas in may 2013. i was interested to see how que and zelda would get along, but not to fear, the love between these two is strong. we are looking forward to a visit again this fall. we are so thrilled zelda has a brother especially since she’s wondering where her sister or brother is as all of her little friends are starting to get new brothers and sisters. we just have to pull up pics of que or get him on video chat and viola a brother, no new baby required! z getting a lift from q
IMGP6435meet nia, well meet nia again, as we did give her a shout out on her birthday. nia is our co-parent. we’ve been in it together since before the beginning and we definitely don’t do this alone. we’re all one 1 of zelda nia is one of the most outgoing people we know. this is great for me since at least once or twice a week, i connect with nia via facebook chat to let her know what’s happening with us and little z. i share what’s going right and wrong. in return i get family anecdotes, encouragement or often a big laugh as she knows exactly what i’m talking about. having a relationship with her is priceless. below is one gem she shared with me the other day. it’s a picture of her mom as a young girl next to a picture of zelda. wow, such a resemblance.
IMG_7326.jpgnow that we’re all acquainted, you’ll be seeing nia and que pop up here from time to time, hopefully monthly. they’ll be providing us updates about what’s going on with them and sharing pictures. we are thrilled they are willing to be a part of this space and we know you’ll love them as much as we do as you get to know them. the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we share the blog with zelda, especially the pictures, but also we talk about what we did or what other people are doing as reflected in this space. oh and speaking of pictures, there are pictures here and here that we have from when zelda was first born and our last visit to dallas that haven’t previously been made public. when we return next week uncle austin and aunt bradie will be here! have a great weekend.