a prescription to go, go, go

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IMGP4090.jpgthis one isn’t for zelda, not that she needs one since she’s constantly on the go. this is for mama. today after following up on some weird loss of power in my legs that my physical therapist detected, the doctor said not to give in to them feeling tired or weak, but instead to push the limits and GO! i’ll admit i’ve been taking it easy these past two weeks as the weakness has really thrown me for a loop. but, by easy that means still a lot of movement. i guess i should go until i basically collapse in bed at the end of the day. there’s no orthopedic explanation for these symptoms, but there are consequences if i give in to the fatigue and weakness, basically that could become my new baseline. i had a lot of blood drawn and the results will be awhile, but in the meantime, after writing this and getting a bite to eat, i guess i’m off to the gym. for the weekend maybe some hiking and a bicycle ride to the farmers market tomorrow. so here’s to a super active weekend, falling into bed exhausted and pushing my limits. i’m sure zelda will love this as she was getting a little stir crazy with her slower mama. maybe she and i will go for a run this afternoon, rain or shine.IMGP4139.jpghave a wonderful weekend!

marla says:

Hope blood work comes back ok. Enjoy your active weekend.