a 5 z week

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IMGP4352.jpglast week we had austin and bradie here to visit. it was a wonderful visit. the right mix of adventure and just hanging out. here are some pictures from our time together. others can be found here.IMGP4385.jpgIMGP4355.jpgIMGP4451.jpgIMGP4392.jpgIMGP4388.jpgIMGP4511.jpgIMGP4446.jpgIMGP4625.jpgIMGP4387.jpgIMGP4595.jpgIMGP4561.jpgIMGP4559.jpgIMGP4547.jpgIMGP4430.jpgIMGP4434.jpgIMGP4520.jpgIMGP4633.jpgIMGP4533.jpgIMGP4445.jpgaustin, zach and our friend chad brewed beer. zelda also took advantage of chad’s visit with skateboard rides and a bedtime story.IMGP4395.jpgIMGP4397.jpgIMGP4399.jpgIMGP4400.jpgwe capped off our week together with a lovely bbq over at our friends’ parents’ house. it was very generous for them to have us all over. we love when our family and ak family get a chance to hang out together.

meg says:

if we’re being really accurate it would be an 8 z week.