weekly photo project


we didn’t abandon this project and here are the photos that get us caught up through this week.

week 18/52 where looks like we just got zelda so i’ve doubled up on a subsequent week for zach and myself below or added a family picture into the mix:

ZZZ 18/52

zelda with baby alice having some fun in the backyard.

week 19/52:

ZJZ 19/52

papa checking on zelda and being her mode of transport at the hops and vines festival our first full day in arizona.

ZZZ 19/52

cuteness abounds on mother’s day. zelda was so excited to see mama brought her polka dot tutu.

MAZ 19/52

mama reading the mother’s day card from zelda. probably no surprise, but the mama on the card was wearing a tutu.

mothers day

group shot of us at mother’s day brunch with our friends, gary and susan, who were so gracious to host us.

week 20/52 including some pictures of e and missie and asher who joined us in arizona:

family portrait

couldn’t leave out this family picture taken by gary after a wonderful dinner with him and susan just before we left tucson.

ZJZ 20/52

papa again transporting zelda around, this time at the grand canyon.

ZJZ 20/52

another of papa and z at the grand canyon. it was just too hard to choose.

ZZZ 20/52

turtle zelda peeking out of her shell at the desert museum.

MAZ 20/52

mama riding by during our bike trip at the grand canyon.

e at the grand canyon

e with zelda and asher that the grand canyon.

missie and asher at red rock crossing

missie and asher at red rock crossing.

missie and asher at the grand canyon

missie and asher at the grand canyon.