life is sweet

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we are embracing this spring, almost summer like, weather with open arms and spending our days outside.
Untitled  Cleaning up our neighborhood.
zelda has been exceptionally sweet this week. she’s usually a well dispositioned kid, but lately she’s been making my heart melt more than usual. so much so i’ve had to stop and call zach to tell him how wonderful she’s been after i drop her off at school. this is a really fun age, not without some challenges, but mainly so much fun.

zelda is also enjoying her big girl bike. i rode with her the other day and she managed to get her bike up to a steady 6 miles an hour without even really trying. i think by summer’s end she’ll be quite the speed demon. here she is in action.

time to ride
zach’s also been enjoying the weather and getting his motorcycle out. i’m glad he likes riding and tinkering with his bike so much. i guess it is a good sign since i got him his first motorcycle as an engagement/wedding gift.
i’ve been enjoying my time spent redoing what was our bedroom, turned zelda’s playroom, into gma kitty and gma marla’s rooms during their visits, now back to our bedroom. i didn’t anticipate that in the summer using the back room as a bedroom would have us smelling fire bowls and bbq, but that was shortsightedness on my part since we do those things on the deck which shares windows and a door with the back room. oh well, live and learn, plus i got to redo a room (again, zach says as he shakes his head). i’m really excited about this space. it’s different than the rest of the house in that i’ve left it sparse and pretty neutral. i absolutely love the plant door way and the air plant i found to add to my driftwood. oh and the lights. we used a stick zelda brought home and its perfect. so restful and it feels grownup. as i said i’m pretty excited, can’t you tell.
Moosethe moose are also out enjoying the weather. zach encountered this one as he was getting his motorcycle ready to ride to work earlier this week. we are looking forward to our weekend with the forecast in the 70s. we have plans for a playdate and dinner on saturday and probably lots of time outside. have a great weekend, i know we will!

Marla says:

The bed room really looks nice. Glad Z mastered the bike!