free hair friday!


hair hair hairIMGP3834.JPG
it’s been some time since we did a free hair friday post, but after two weeks of vacation and some fun playing in the dirt yesterday afternoon, zelda’s hair was ready for a wash. when i styled her hair before vacation, we tried a new method of washing it with apple cider vinegar and conditioning with coconut oil. the acv wash is amazing. regardless of how dry her hair feels beforehand, it’s so soft after the wash. also it seems better prepared to absorb the coconut oil too. we used the same method last night. i’m also trying to comb zelda’s hair a lot less. instead of using a comb or tangle teaser, i primarily work in the oil and use my fingers to do the combing, working from the bottom of her head by her neck up toward the front top. i do use a comb at the very ends one time so that i can pass my fingers through the entire length of her hair at the end. this method not only minimizes breakage, but it also produces a more volume to her hair.
IMGP3839.JPGIMGP3838.JPGIMGP3840.JPGi think we’ll be sticking with this new hair regime for the time being. when the weather gets cooler, coconut oil may not work as we’ve had issues with it hardening and leaving white flakes in the past, but for now we’ve found a winning combo. zelda seems happy and pleased to have her hair free today. oh, and not that it needs mentioning she’s awfully cute as well. image-4.jpeg