back at home


unnamed.jpgimage-3.jpg after a late, well early morning, arrival back in anchorage, we are happy to be home. zach is off to work and zelda off to school. i’ve already got laundry going and have us unpacked. now for a quick vacuum and dusting and it will almost be like we never left the house. the yard has faired well given the unusually warm temperatures and the work we did before heading out of town. also did you see? those are real tomatoes growing and our basil is doing well. great treats to return to.
image.jpgvacation was a delight and i’ll try to have a run down of that in the next few days. we took a ton of pictures, but i’ll try to find the highlights and then link to a larger collection. i did, however, already set out the two rocks i brought home as souvenirs. they have been added to the others we received as wedding presents. and no, this isn’t red rock, which would be illegal, but some sandstone from a reservation further north of sedona and a piece of selenite. vacation has ended a bit on a bittersweet note, though. the resort we stayed at in sendona, the junipine and the surrounding area was evacuated yesterday because of a wildfire. we are hoping for the best for the area as we were already making plans to return. the area is breathtaking and we’d like to have some time to check out flagstaff as well since we couldn’t fit it in this trip.

and you can find some pictures here of zach and missie during the 1/2 marathon from last saturday. i’m impressed with their smiles since i heard it was a rough course and there was a water shortage. congrats again to both of them! oh, and one more source for some pictures is here, missie and asher’s blog. get ready for some kiddo cuteness when you click that link. asher and zelda had an awesome time together.