a welcome respite


it’s raining this morning, which is welcome not only because its our first rain since the snow melted, but also because we’ve been going at frenetic summer speed for a couple of weeks now and its only may 6th. we usually don’t pick up the pace of summer until closer to memorial day. that fast pace has allowed us to get our yard cleaned up and in good shape before we head out of town for a couple of weeks. zach is still running the half marathon on the 17th and i know he’s looking forward to dark warm nights. i have to admit after these past two weeks, i could take some dark nights as well. at least its a signal to stop and sit down.
it all hasn’t been working in the yard, which we thoroughly enjoy doing especially before the mosquitos come out in force, but we’ve been bike riding, drawing with chalk, learning to play hop scotch, going for walks, eating ice cream and playing with friends too. zelda’s been busy as you can see in this nice weather. yesterday she decided to run a circuit between the trail and the hill several times. then on our walk she asked for roller skates. this girl is go go go. it caught up with her last night though when she fell asleep as dinner was put in front of her and slept through until this morning. IMG_7045.jpg