big girl bike!
that’s a question we get a lot around here these days from zelda.  why, why, why?  we try to answer honestly and not give her too many because or because i said so’s, but sometimes she runs us either around in circles or into a dead end where there’s just no other answer.  i have to say though that getting asked why all the time keeps me thinking and on my toes.
pretty much sums up our day
taking a page out of her book, i’ve decided to emulate zelda and ask why too.  i’m now trying to remember to ask why when i’m deciding anything.  why am i doing this or that?  why do i want this or that?  and those why questions have really lead to some insights.  the first, which is possibly most relevant here, is that facebook is not for me.  the original why was to foster some connectedness, but in the end, it’s just lead to me neglecting what i truly want as far as our digital presence, this blog.  for now we’re saying so long facebook sort of.  i’ll still post blog posts up to facebook and check in to see what others are up to, but the later will probably be a lot less frequent.  if you’re interested in what we’re up to check the blog and follow us on instagram and flickr (here and here) where we post daily snapshots of life.

so with the answer to that why question done we all deserve treat, which today is a little song zelda sang for us (click the link below) on saturday while we were enjoying a fire bowl on the deck.  we are having a real spring so we have been outside as much as possible.  have a sweet day!