too much?


Photo on 4-1-14 at 4.54 PM #2.jpgi had a revelation this morning about stuff. i was watching an episode of the power of myth with bill moyers and joseph campbell. joseph campbell was talking about finding one’s bliss. it got me thinking that perhaps i and my family are not finding their bliss or at least not following it because we are getting to caught up in have to’s, the things that fill a saturday or sunday that really don’t need to be done, but we don’t realize it instead we are driven blindly by a sense of needing to check the items off the to do list without considering why we think we need to do them.

the picture above is from zelda falling asleep on me yesterday late in the afternoon.  once she’s asleep with me sitting down, it’s nearly impossible for me to move her.  i can admit that i felt stuck at the desk and only after thinking about all the things i thought i should be doing did i find the silver lining to being stuck, that i should just enjoy the cuddles.  now reflecting on it further, those to do’s (last minute clean up, dinner prep, etc. before zach got home) really wasn’t important.  if i were to have followed my bliss i would have just relished in holding my baby and listening to her steady breath and enjoying her warmth as these days are numbered.  instead after a few distracted minutes of perusing the internet, i hatched a plan to free myself, which worked and i got back to my to do’s whereas in the end perhaps i should have just held tight and been present in the moment.

as i think about that stuff and to do’s, a lot of it we don’t need to do or are things we are not particularly attached to.  now thinking in these terms, if we declutter and really consider the stuff we have in our house and life asking whether it is blocking us from following our bliss and doing what we truly want, i think that’s all the motivation we need to pare down both the physical stuff and expectations of what we think we have to do.  perhaps clutter in our space clutters the mind to prevent clear deeper more significant thoughts and perspective about what is important and ultimately impedes more meaningful and deeper interaction among ourselves and those we want to be with.  i know i spend a lot of physical and psychic energy thinking about stuff and to do’s, where it goes, is it clean, what is next, is there a better way to manage it.  anyway, some thoughts i had this morning and wanted to share and apparently a lot has been written on this topic, but sometimes for something to be an a ha moment the revelation has to come to you in your own time.

Liz says:

So true…and so true that one has to really have that ahah! moment for oneself to truly “get it”. I also usually have a seemingly endless to do list, and have been trying to pare it down lately to what is truly meaningful or essential. Living a simpler life is surprisingly hard. The lure of stuff and things to do with that stuff is quite strong. Things that start out as fun projects end up as to dos and add needless pressure to the day, week, year, and in the end, life. Now our garage is full of projects, with no place to turn to actually work on the projects and certainly no place for the car. Then we need to shovel the snow off the car cause it’s not in the garage and so it goes…

Lesley says:

I completely agree. Life moves so fast and our babies don’t stay babies long enough. I love the feeling of Penny falling asleep on me. Reading this made me realize she hasn’t in a while. She is younger then Zelda so I am holding out hope that she may still :).

Great post. Sometimes we are so caught up in what seems important that we overlook what truly is important. When you slow down and take in the little moments, you begin to see all the small miracles you used to not even notice.