making our world go ’round



a little unorthodox but the bathroom gets the best light in the house with its southern exposure

spring has sprung, just mainly inside where we started some bulbs in pots.  although i can’t get out there to see, apparently our tulips are up in the garden bed on the south side of the house as well.


we know its possible for this snow to melt since the neighbor’s yard is almost snow free, but in the meantime we’ll enjoy the moose tracks in the snow a little longer

unfortunately our front yard on the north side of the house still has a long way to go before its snow free.

zelda listening to a raven's call as it flies overhead

zelda listening to a raven’s call as it flies overhead

image-2.jpegzelda and i have managed to get outside together in the afternoons.  zach cleared the driveway of ice and with some (not so graceful) maneuvering of my “bike” i can get it into the garage and out to the street for some afternoon walks.
image-5.jpegimage-6.jpegimage-4.jpegwe also got out on the deck this weekend and had our first outside meal, some udon from a new place in town.  the udon was so so, but it was nice to be outside.  plus zach got the fire bowl going.
image-3.jpegzelda having fun with stickers.